Indiannica Learning Hosts Know For Sure Quiz Competition
Indiannica Learning Private Limited (formerly known as Encyclop dia Britannica (India) Private Limited) organized the 'Know for Sure' Quiz in association with the Narayana Group of Schools in Bengaluru, Karnataka on February 10, 2018. 

Over 11,000 students from various Narayana Schools across different states participated in the preliminary round of the quiz, out of which 200 students made it to the final prelims, and the top scoring six teams made it to the final round of the live quiz in Bengaluru. The quiz was hosted by India's legendary quizmaster, Mr Siddhartha Basu.

Speaking about the quiz competition, Sumit Gupta, managing director of Indiannica Learning Private Limited, said: “Hosting the 'Know for Sure' Quiz with Narayana and promoting research based learning is always a delight for us. The quiz competition is based on our general knowledge series (for classes 1-8) – ‘Know for Sure'-authored by Siddhartha Basu and the series emphasizes on learning through discovery and motivates students to ask the 'right questions’.” 

Adding to Mr. Gupta, quizmaster - Mr Siddhartha Basu said, “Quizzing is an exact process - you either know the answer or you don't, there's no in-between. As a quizmaster, I am always happy to see young students enthusiastic about quizzing and in this particular occasion I was happier to notice that the number of girls participating equalled the numbers of boys.”

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