Career in Culinary Arts: Academy of Pastry Arts Announced the Commencement of the Courses
Academy of Pastry Arts – a field of world cuisines and pastry with centres in Bengaluru and Delhi, NCR, announced the commencement of its culinary courses at the Bangalore centre.

Inspired by the “Make in India” campaign conceptualised by the Prime Minister of India, the Academy is focused on providing culinary and pastry programme of International standards, to churn out budding chefs and entrepreneurs from the field of the hospitality industry.

The Chefs from the academy have been recognised and applauded in the World Pastry Cup completion in France.

These Chefs are reputed with hands-on experience on training and grooming individuals to perform their potential.

The Courses offered in the current batch include part-time and full-time certificate programme in culinary arts:

Full time Programme in Culinary:
Diploma and advanced diploma programme (six-month and nine-month courses respectively).

The curriculum starts with honing the basic of cooking like cutting, identification of ingredients, soups and goes on to teach various international cuisines like Continental, Japanese, Italian, Thai and of course Indian.

The course commences from April 30, 2018


About Academy of Pastry Arts:
Academy of Pastry Arts India is an International Pastry & Culinary school where professional chefs offer instructions to the aspirations of young pastry and culinary chef.